Dinesh Nirmal is the Vice President of Development for IBM Data and AI. He is responsible for building the data and ai technology used by enterprises from startups to government to international finance. His mission is to bring digital transformation and practical ai to enterprise. He speaks and writes internationally about data estate modernization and strategies for effective AI in business, publishing a guest column in VentureBeat and garnering recognition from Forbes.

Dinesh leads more than a dozen IBM Development Labs around the world; major releases during his 2-year tenure include Cloud Pak for Data—an open, multi-cloud data system with built in governance. Products in his portfolio have won major design awards including the Red Dot Award and the iF Design Award.

Recognizing a market need for machine learning mastery, he launched 6 Machine Learning Hubs around the world to work side-by-side with clients using data science to solve business problems.  

Dinesh continues his longstanding commitment to open source, leveraging IBM’s position, with its acquisition of Red Hat, as the largest provider of open source software and containers for the enterprise in hybrid cloud, data and analytics market, to integrate Data and AI products with open source software. Dinesh led IBM Spark Technology Center in 2015 when IBM made a historic investment in Apache Spark. 

Starting in 2017, Dinesh led an internal transformation to speed innovation and streamline the development process. He achieved organization-wide adoption of tools like Salesforce, GitHub, and Slack, pivoted to continuous build and integration, and standardized multi-cloud deployment and a 100% agile development process. He implemented ML in IT operations, developed an internal dashboard to use ML to track critical customer issues in real-time, kicked off an “ML Everywhere” initiative to increase AI skills levels, and launched a Technical Leadership Team to develop long term vision and strategy.

Dinesh is also the Site Executive for IBM Silicon Valley Lab, where he recently broke ground on the first dedicated cricket pitch at a Silicon Valley Tech company. He launched Developer Day (an annual internal conference) and an AI Summer Camp for children from San Jose's public schools, and hosts Fireside Chats: guests include the Consul General of India for San Francisco and Sam Liccardo, Mayor of San Jose. 

Dinesh also initiated IBM’s sponsorship of Save the San Francisco Bay as Bay Champions.

Dinesh’s leadership principle is “people first.” In that spirit, he embarked on a "listening tour" in 2017 that continues today, and publishes one-on-one conversations with team members in his series, You in Data and AI. Recognizing the need to reward the hard work of his team on an ongoing basis, he founded a series of wildly popular weekly awards for innovation, collaboration, effort, and excellence.

Before assuming his role as Vice President of Data and AI Development, Dinesh was Vice President of Smarter Process, IBM Software Group, where he was responsible for workflow and decision software. He led the partnership with Apple to develop IBM’s mobile initiative for workflow development and guided the IBM Software group through a shift to agile development process.

Dinesh serves on the Board of R Consortium and is an Advisor to Accel.AI.

Dinesh holds a master’s degree in Computer Science and an MBA, both from SUNY Institute of Technology in Utica, NY. He lives in San Jose with his wife Catherine Plaia and their two sons, Kiran and Noah.