Keynote at O'Reilly AI Conference San Jose 2019:
Trusted AI: A holistic approach to production AI

AI is critical for business, but there’s no AI without trust and fairness. And people don’t trust what they don’t understand. In this keynote, Dinesh Nirmal shows bias cropping up in an unlikely place, and shares a framework for building fair and open AI.

Keynote at Strata Data San Francisco 2019:
Streamlining Your Data Assets: A Strategy for the Journey to AI

In this keynote, Dinesh Nirmal shares a data asset framework that incorporates current business structures and the elements you need for an AI-fluent data platform.

Keynote at IBM Think 2019:
Modernizing Your Data Estates for an
AI and Multicloud World

A new wave of economic revolution is underway, driven by advancements in AI and multicloud technologies. Leading businesses are crafting strategic plans to modernize data estates for this emerging reality. IBM’s Dinesh Nirmal talks about the path to data estate modernization, with David Bernert, VP Enterprise Architecture, Boeing.

Keynote at Strata Data New York 2018:
Decoding Regulations Using Machine Learning

IBM Analytics’s Dinesh Nirmal solves school lunch and the struggle to keep ahead of regulations. With AI tech like deep learning and NLG, supplying meals to California’s kids leaps from enriching metadata for compliance to actionable insights for the business.

Keynote at Strata Data San Jose 2018:  
Operationalizing Machine Learning

The rules of business are being rewritten because of abundant data and compute power, and machine learning research and incubation projects are everywhere. Less common, and far more valuable, is the innovation unlocked once you bring machine learning out of research and into production. 

Keynote at IBM Think 2018:
Machine Learning Systems at Scale +
IBM Cloud Private for Data

Learn how to build and operationalize machine learning systems, at scale. This two-part session will also take adeep dive into the newly announced IBM Cloud Private for Data, which helps you prepare your data for AI, leveraging cloud agility, lightning speed and machine learning everywhere.

Keynote at Strata Data San Jose 2017: 
Machine Learning is Not Just About Model Development

Which is more important: the model or the data? Dinesh Nirmal explains how your data can help you build the right cognitive systems to learn about, reason with, and engage with your customers.




STAPLES WORKLIFE MAGAZINE: Artificial Intelligence Has Arrived! (Sort of), 07.26.2019

Artificial intelligence is here. From social media marketing to closing the deal, find out how it can help your business. Read More.


IBM BIG DATA & ANALYTICS HUB: Making Data Simple - Enterprise Insight with Dinesh Nirmal, 05.14.2019

On Making Data Simple, Dinesh Nirmal and Host Al Martin discuss the new, emerging technologies that drives them while providing their own definitions of team building and success. Listen now. 


FORBES: 5 Artificial Intelligence Business Lessons From The Masters, 07.10.2018

The big data and analytics market continues to morph as Artificial Intelligence (AI) fields, such as machine learning and deep learning, provide new ways to generate business insights. Read more.


INDIAPOST: Consul General Visits IBM, Talks of Technology for Greater Good, 06.13.2018

The Indian Consul General (CG), Mr. Venkatesan Ashok, visited the IBM Silicon Valley Lab in San Jose, California on Tuesday, June 5. Read more. 


VENTUREBEAT: IBM Outlines the 5 Attributes of Useful AI, 04.21.2018

A few weeks ago, a dejected CTO told me it took his team three weeks to build a machine learning model.   11 months later, the model was still sitting on a shelf. By Dinesh Nirmal. Read more. 

IBM BIG DATA & ANALYTICS HUB: Learning ML? Six Articles You Don't Want to Miss, 09.28.2017

Digital disruption has revolutionized the way we live and do business — and machine learning is the latest wave of that revolution. By Dinesh Nirmal. Read more. 


INFOWORLD: How Machine Learning Can Be a Pathway to Compliance, 07.13.2017

In less than a year, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect across Europe. By Dinesh Nirmal.  Read more. 


IBM ANALYTICS INSIDE MACHINE LEARNING: Machine Learning and Governance, 06.05.2017

I recently had a chance to visit with Seth Dobrin, the new Vice President and Chief Data Officer for IBM Analytics. By Dinesh Nirmal. Read more.


IBM ANALYTICS INSIDE MACHINE LEARNING: Machine Learning and the Science of Choosing, 03.20.2017

Decisions can be fatiguing and prone to bias, not just for individuals but for whole organizations. By Dinesh Nirmal. Read more. 



IBM | Learning is Everywhere

Dinesh sits down with Dave Vellante and John Walls at the IBM Machine Learning Everywhere, build your ladder to AI event in New York City, Feb 2018.



Dinesh Nirmal interview with The Cube at IBM Think 2018

Discover what the world is thinking at Think 2018, IBM's first business event to go beyond IT conference, exploringcloud technology, data analytics & security.